Home Owners Association



Residents of North Port Villages will belong to the North Port Villages Home Owners Association.  A condominium development is actually the creation of a community that becomes controlled, to some extent, by all of the neighbors.  In other words, if you look at your “neighborhood” as the condominium community then each of you has a right to involve yourself in the administration of the community in the years to come.  This is one of the unique aspects of condominium ownership.  It is the ability of the people who live together to essentially control their future.  If they do not like some obligation or requirement within their domain, then there is a process to amend, to change things, and to add additional requirements.  All of this is intended to maintain the value of your property and the safety of those who live in your community.  Although the documents may appear somewhat burdensome, the ultimate result is something, that in the years to come, will prove a valuable asset, very profitable to all involved who maintain the value of the improvements and protect the neighborhood through the association of the members.


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